Find affordable Indiana Health Insurance Exchange rates for individuals, families and the self employed. We also provide the lowest online prices for subsidized and unsubsidized policies for your medical coverage. Regardless if you own your own business, you're buying a policy for the first time, or simply can't afford your existing plan, you will be able to compare multiple plans with the best prices on our website. You can quickly find the Marketplace  information you are looking for, apply for coverage and get covered.

There have been many recent changes, including the passage of the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (ACA) along with the establishment of the Indiana Health Exchange and Marketplaces. Federal subsidies can substantially reduce your rate if you qualify. Medicaid eligibility is also available for lower-income households.

Pre-existing conditions are no longer  considered when you apply for coverage. They are now covered without additional premiums, waiting periods or higher deductibles. 2015 Open Enrollment, which began in November (of 2014) provides a window of opportunity to buy quality, yet inexpensive coverage. Enrollment time has been reduced to about 15 minutes.

Whether you live in Indianapolis, Richmond, South Bend, or any part of the state, we will show you the most popular medical options offered by the major companies. We will calculate your Obamacare subsidy, and explain how you can reduce your premiums with the help of new legislation. With the expansion of Medicaid, more persons will be eligible for free benefits.

2015 Indiana Health Exchange Plans

The six companies that are offering Marketplace policies are Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Physician's Health Plan (PHP), Ambetter, UnitedHealthcare, CareSource, MDwise and IU Health Plans. More than 50 options are offered through Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Catastrophic "Metal" plans.

You also can apply for coverage during non-Open Enrollment periods if you have a "qualifying life event" such as having a baby, losing your group benefits, or needing coverage because of a terminated plan. These special circumstances create an SEP (Special Enrollment Period) that is available at any time.

Our personal and professional advice helps you compare the most popular and reputable highly-rated  companies so you can simply choose the best options. High-Deductible, copay, short-term or HSA coverage are just a few of the choices provided, so you are presented with the best possible solutions.

Shopping for new coverage can be a hassle, so part of our job is to make the process simple and easy for you. The newly-created Exchanges can be quite challenging, considering the complexity of plans along with the impact your household income now has on what you pay.

Our three decades of experience and expertise will help you every step of the process. You don't have to worry about trying to enroll without the proper guidance. Whether by phone, email or any other method, we can cut the amount of time it takes you to enroll in half, and ensure you're applying for the right policy.

Get the cheapest health insurance in Indiana. Quick quote online, compare and find the most affordable medical plans in Indiana

If you're currently on COBRA, additional policies can be offered. You no longer have to remain on COBRA for 18 months. If dental, vision or life benefits are needed, we can help. You have a budget to meet and we'll show you the options that fit best. At your request, we can handle the entire buying direct process from the initial quote to the delivery of the contract.

Your Application

A submitted application can be approved within a few days and your coverage can be effective just as quickly. If you need immediate coverage, temporary policies can go into effect the next day, and you'll be assigned a policy number. During  Open Enrollment periods, there are some restrictions regarding effective dates of policies. For example, if you want a January 1st effective date, the deadline for completing the short application is December 15th.

Often, the type of benefits you need is completely different than someone else. For example, a college student may be more concerned with specific policy options than someone getting ready to retire. Also, pre-existing conditions are typically covered (began in 2014), so it's critical for you to purchase the right type of policy with your out-of-pocket medical costs in mind.

Our experience can help you make the right choice. Since rates and plan design can change, it's always a good idea to review your policy each year. Also, if your income changes, it could impact the amount of subsidy you receive. Each year, we will re-calculate your federal subsidy and determine the best Marketplace options for you.

Free Quotes

You can "Get Free Quotes" at the top of the page, and  compare direct or apply online for the best available plans. Prices and any approved benefit changes are updated daily. Typically, the most competitive plans are offered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), UnitedHealthcare (markets their policies under the name "Golden Rule"), Humana, Assurant, and PHP.

Aetna and Medical Mutual no longer offer private coverage in the state. Unicare also ceased writing business. Golden Rule will offer "outside-Exchange" options which may be very attractive to households with income above $95,000. These policies avoid the government website enrollment process, so buying coverage is much easier and quicker.

We realize that comparing copays, coinsurance, deductibles and coverages from several companies is not easy or fun. At any time, please feel free to contact us (the "contact us" link is at the top of the page) or call us at (888) 513 6446. We'll do all of the shopping, comparing and researching for you.


After Open Enrollment for Obamacare ends in Indiana, you can still purchase affordable health insurance coverage. During the Open Enrollment period, federal tax subsidies are available to individuals, families and small businesses to help pay the premium. For private plans, household income guidelines must be met in order to receive financial help.

But if you missed the deadline, simply forgot about it, or decided that rates were too high, Indiana medical plans can be bought at surprisingly low prices, depending on a variety of factors. Many of these policies will provide ideal "gap" coverage until you are eligible for the next period.



Low cost Indiana health insurance plans are found very easily on our website. Rates from many of the top Indiana carriers such as Anthem Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) and Humana are provided so you can quickly consider your Marketplace options. Each day we research and update affordable individual and family policies and show the quotes that are the lowest available from any reputable resource.

There are no costs for utilizing this website and we are committed to saving consumers money and helping choose the best available plan. We understand that many consumers prefer to do business by phone or email, so our Agency is typically available. We are indeed live persons!