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Affordable Indianapolis health insurance plans for personal or business needs are available through our website. It only takes a few minutes to compare prices and benefits side-by-side so you can quickly see details of plans you are eligible for. Hoosier Marketplace plans are eligible for large federal subsidies, and policies without subsidies can also be reviewed.

Marion County also features many Senior Medigap plans that can help pay for expenses that originalMedicare benefits do not cover. Separate Part D prescription drug plans, along with Supplement and Advantage contracts are also offered. Persons that have reached age 65 can compare many low-cost options.

We represent Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Wellpoint), MDWise, UnitedHealthcare, Ambetter, Humana, Aetna, IU Health Plans and other large insurers that offer individual, family, Group, and Senior health insurance in Indianapolis and the surrounding area.

NOTE: Aetna, Cigna, PHP, and Medical Mutual, withdrew from the private marketplace, although it is possible they may return. Also, you can enroll for both "on" and "off" Marketplace coverage. Several of these carriers also offer Group coverage along with various ancillary products.


Marion County

Marion County has almost one million residents and is home to some of the finest hospitals, including Indiana University, St. Vincent and Franciscan St. Francis. The medical treatment is recognized as among the finest in the Midwest and contributes to the competitive cost structure of private and corporate medical coverage.

Additional facilities in the area include Billings VA, Clarian Health Partners, Community Hospital, Fairbanks Addiction Treatment Center, Hawley Hospital, Kindred Hospital, Martindale Brightwood Center, Roudebush VA Medical Center, Sunnyside Sanitarium, and Winona Memorial.


Purchase Direct

We understand that "one policy does not fit all," so our solutions are based on the needs of single, family and self-employed buyers. You can purchase direct when you use our free resources that are designed to save you money. Exchange policies are offered and we will help you calculate the amount of your federal tax subsidy, which could pay most or all of your premium.

As your unofficial "Exchange," our job is to consult and help, not to sell. Whether you need a state, federal or personal policy, we'll make sure you get the "best deal." Marketplace plans are offered that include guarantee-issue and federal tax relief. You can not be denied because of a pre-existing condition, and medical questions will no longer be asked when you apply for a policy. However, underwritten short-term plans can deny an applicant because of past or present pre-existing conditions.

Get affordable heath insurancefor individuals and families in Indianapolis. We shop so you can save!

Marion County (and nearby counties) have historically had very attractive and competitive premiums for medical coverage. The large number of hospitals and medical facilities in the area help reduce costs and increase sizes of provider networks. Also, physicians often incur  lower fees compared to other parts of the state. Health care expenditures are high compared to most other states, and mental health services are more widely available than most other areas.

The price of enrolling in private plans has always been a "good value", and we believe prices will remain attractive, based on recent Supreme Court decisions. The Hoosier state offers many budget-friendly options, especially if your household family income meets Federal Poverty Level (FPL) guidelines.


Medicare Supplement Plans In Indianapolis

Monthly rates illustrated below are for a 65 year-old female. Age and sexcan impact prices.


Plan A

$77 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$81 - Central States

$81 - Philadelphia American Life

$86 - Companion Life

$88 - Continental Life

$89 - Manhattan Life

$89 - Shenandoah Life

$90 - Combined Insurance

$92 - CSI Life

$94 - Gerber

$98 - Cigna

$100 - Equitable

$101 - Greek Catholic Union

$102 - United American

$103 - Mutual Of Omaha

$110 - American Retirement Life

$130 - Oxford Life

$138 - Humana

$168 - Pekin Life


Individual Health Insurance Rates In Indianapolis

Illustrated below are selected monthly rates for a 45 year-old married couple living in Marion County with household income of $32,000. The most populated zip codes in the Indianapolis area include 46227, 46226, 46237, 46203, 46254, 46224, 46220, 46219, 46260, 46222, 46235, 46201, 46241, 46217, 46218, and 46229. NOTE: Rates shown below are the total amount for two persons.

$120 - Ambetter Essential Care 1 - $6,800 deductible with 0% coinsurance.

$136 - CareSource Federal Simple Choice Bronze -  $45 pcp office visit copay. $6,650 deductible and $35 generic drug copay.

$167 - Ambetter Balanced Care 4 - $0 pcp office visit copay and $5 specialist copay. $2,000 deductible. Generic and brand drug copays of $0 and $25.

$171 - CareSource Low Premium Silver -  $15 pcp office visit copay and $30 specialist copay. $1,100 deductible. Generic and brand drug copays of $0 and $45.

$186 - MDwise Marketplace Bronze Basic - $30 pcp office visit copay and $150 specialist copay. $6,800 deductible. 

$189 - Ambetter Balanced Care 2 - $1 pcp office visit copay and $5 specialist copay. $1,750 deductible. Generic and brand drug copays of $1 and $25.


Persons that are uninsurable no longer have to apply through the State "High Risk" pool. This was a program available for persons that had been previously denied when applying for a policy. Typically, applicants had multiple medical problems that prevented them from being approved on an application. However, the creation of state and federal Marketplace Exchanges eliminated that need.


What Is Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP 2.0))?

If you are between the ages of 19 and 64 and classified as "low income," you may be eligible for this new program. If you are single with an income under $16,500, a couple with household income under $22,300, or a family (four persons) with household income under $33,900, HIP 2.0 should be considered. The Federal Poverty Level guideline that is used is 138%.

Comprehensive medical coverage is provided along with many financial incentives designed to reward you for eating right, exercising, and participating in designated fitness programs. HIP 2.0 will also provide benefits for persons currently enrolled in Hoosier Healthwise, Parents And Caretakers (MAGF), and Family planning services (MA E).

Temporary Plans For Less Than 12 Months


Comparing our free quotes online only takes a few minutes and you might be surprised at how many affordable plans are available. If you are between jobs, unemployed, a graduating student or looking for quick coverage, a short-term temporary policy might be the best option.

Save money with short term Indiana health insurance. Low rates and quick approvals make this plan easy to apply for.

Short-term  insurance rates are extremely inexpensive and are typically approved within 24-48 hours. Applications for coverage are short and generally take less than 15 minutes to complete. Although pre-existing conditions are not included, it's a great option to quickly get coverage with very little delay. The Obamacare instant tax credit also is not available, since temporary contracts do not contain "essential health benefits."

We'll be happy to fax or email you an application or provide an online link that allows you to easily apply. Coverage can be kept for up to 12 months. Since there is an annual Open Enrollment each year (typically in November), it may be cost-effective to consider an Exchange contract at that time.

HSA Plans

Indiana Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are very popular in Indianapolis. Rates are substantially lower than traditional comprehensive plans and out-of-pocket expenses on major medical claims are also typically less than most other policies. An HSA is a great option to consider if you own your own business or work for yourself.

It is a savings account that permits you to buy current medical, vision and dental expenses and save ahead for future expenses on a tax-free basis. A “High Deductible Health Plan” (HDHP) is required to take advantage of an HSA. Anthem and UnitedHealthcare often have very attractive HSA rates. Four popular HSA plans in Marion County are listed below:

Anthem Bronze Pathway X 0 For HSA

Anthem Bronze Pathway X 20 For HSA

UnitedHealthcare Bronze Choice HSA 4900

UnitedHealthcare Silver Choice HSA 2600

Note: The inclusion of dental and vision benefits is optional. However, you can pay for treatment with pre-tax dollars when your account is created. If you reach age 65 and funds remain, you may continue to utilize the money.



Indianapolis has many low cost health insurance options for both adults and children. If you are not presently covered, or believe your existing premium is too high, we'll compare the best prices for you. Also, if you already have existing coverage, it is always a good idea to review alternative plans each year, since your acceptance is guaranteed during Open Enrollment.