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Indiana comprehensive heathcare coverage provides benefits similar to expensive group plans available through employers. In addition to the standard preventive and hospital benefits, physician charges, medications, accidents, illnesses, maternity, and mental illness are included. Plans are offered both on and off the Marketplace.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Ambetter, CareSource, Indiana University Health Plans, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare  offer complete benefits to employees of of groups, individuals and families in Indiana. It is the most common type of medical coverage. We assist you with finding the most affordable policies available to consumers, determining if you are eligible for a federal tax subsidy, and applying so you are approved as quickly as possible.

We created this website to educate customers and simplify the process of applying for quality affordable healthcare. We take the time to investigate and find the comprehensive plans that not only match your budget, but also provide the coverage you require.

Find cheap comprehensive health insurance in Indiana. Apply online for the cheapest plans from Anthem and other major carriers.

The Best Prices

The rates you view on this website are the lowest rates filed by each carrier for 2016 and 2017 with the Indiana Department of Insurance. If you already have an in-force policy, we'll evaluate your best options, which may include staying with your present company. If you are eligible for a federal subsidy to use for Marketplace coverage, we will calculate and explain your financial aid, and show you the policies that will maximize your assistance.

Depending on your personal or family situation, reducing your potential out-of-pocket costs, and lowering deductibles and copays, are typically very beneficial. We show you the comprehensive policy options that keep your premiums low but still provide the highest level of quality benefits available.

2017 Options

Highlighted below are several of the most popular plans  that feature a combination of affordable premiums and all-inclusive benefits.

Ambetter Balanced Care 2 - $30 copay for primary care physician (pcp) visits and $60 copay for specialist visits. $10 copay for generic drugs and $50 copay for brand drugs. $5,000 major medical deductible.

Ambetter Balanced Care 4 - $50 copay for primary care physician (pcp) visits and $75 copay for specialist visits. $20 copay for generic drugs and $50 copay for brand drugs. $2,000 major medical deductible.

Anthem Pathway X 3500 0 - $45 pcp copay with no charge for specialist visits after deductible is met. $15 generic drug copay and overall plan deductible is $3,500.

Anthem BCBS DirectAccess - Gold-tier plan with a low $1,000 deductible and $30 pcp copay.The HMO network is utilized with copays on both generic and brand drugs ($15 and $40).

UnitedHealthcare Bronze Choice 5500 - $5,500 deductible with $35 and $70 copays on pcp and specialist visits. Very inexpensive premium since it is a Bronze-tier contract, but also higher maximum out-of-pocket expenses at $6,600.

UnitedHealthcare Silver Choice 2000 - Lower $2,000 deductible with $30 and $60 copays on office visits.

MDWise Marketplace Basic Silver - No charge for pcp visits and $15 generic drug copay. Major medical deductible is $3,500.

UnitedHealthcare Gold Choice 1250 - Low $1,250 deductible with $10 and $30 copays on pcp and specialist visits. Very comprehensive benefits, but not one of the cheaper options.

NOTE: Assurant no longer offers policies since they are in the process of selling the company or closing the Health division. Any Assurant customer will be notified in writing and will be able to change carriers and plans.


For example, in the Indianapolis area, monthly rates are shown below for a married couple (both 45 years old) with household income of $40,000. The subsidy of $471 per month has been applied and pre-existing conditions are covered.

$272 - Ambetter Balanced Care 2

$314 - Ambetter Balanced Care 4

$390 - Anthem Pathway X 3500 0


Don't Forget About HSAs


Save money with an Indiana HSA. Lower your Hoosier health insurance rates and save money on taxes.

Hoosier Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) provide solid benefits after a deductible has been satisfied. Although office visits (other than preventive visits) and prescriptions are subject to the deductible, with most HSA plans, 100% of expenses are covered after the deductible. Network repricing discounts will also reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

For example, although an MRI is subject to a deductible, the actual cost could easily reduce from about $1,500-$2,000 to about $500-$1,200. Yes, that's  a substantial savings. Utilizing negotiated predetermined pricing can easily save thousands of dollars each year.

The combination of lower premiums, tax deductions and accumulating money for future medical expenses, makes this type of policy very popular. Anthem and UnitedHeathCare offer very competitive rates. Celtic and Aetna once offered "Saver" HSA plans. But both carriers now no longer offer individual policies in the Hoosier State.

Best HSA Options

Some of the most popular HSA plans are listed below. Typically, deductible and maximum out-of-pocket maximums change each year.

Anthem Bronze Pathway X 0

Anthem Bronze Pathway X 20

UnitedHealthcare Bronze Choice HSA 4900

IU Health Plans Bronze HSA

Anthem Silver Pathway X 10

United Healthcare Silver Choice HSA 2600

IU Health Plans Silver HSA


ICHIA No Longer Available


The ICHIA was a low cost option if you had been denied coverage, were chronically ill, or you had been unable to purchase a plan due to your medical history. When the ACA legislation was passed, the ICHIA and all other state high-risk pools became obsolete. The program ceased operations in January of 2014 after a three-month extension because of problems with the federal healthcare website. About 7,000 Hoosiers were covered on the plan, but soon became eligible for Marketplace or Medicaid coverage.

There were five policy options with deductibles ranging from $500 to $5,000. 75% of any net losses are paid by the state and 25% by participating insurers. It's actually a very good program if you can qualify.


The "Get Free Quotes" section at the top of the page will allow you to quickly compare Indiana health insurance policies, and if you wish, apply for a policy. We are always happy to help you with every step along the way. And as previously mentioned, you never pay a fee for our help. Although Open Enrollment begins onnovember 1 and ends on January 31, you may still qualify for a "Special Enrollment Period," which allows you to obtain coverage at any time of the year.

Latest News:

May 2015 - Anthem announced benefit reductions in Applied Behavioral Analysis Treatment (ABA Therapy) which impacts many autistic children. Although many public school systems can offer similar assistance, for many parents, a drastic reduction in benefits is having a substantial impact.

A class action lawsuit has been filed and more lawsuits may be coming. However, Anthem continues to pay thousands of filed claims for autism-related expenses, and stated that a combination of treatments, including therapy, doctor-ordered care, and ABA therapy from several sources will help the children the most.