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Inexpensive healthcare coverage in Indiana provides quality medical coverage at prices that will fit within your budget. We shop and compare hundreds of insurance policies for single persons, families and large and small businesses. Just because your premium is cheap, doesn't mean you have to skimp on benefits. Whether it's inside or outside the Exchange Marketplace, we show you the most affordable coverage.

Listed below are five of the least expensive Indiana health insurance options that you can easily purchase online through our website. It is important to note that not all policies are available in every county. Federal subsidies are available to help reduce premiums, although you can also choose to enroll outside of the Obamacare Marketplace.


Ambetter Balanced Care 2 - No deductibles to meet on qualified preventative benefits, office visits, or generic and preferred brand drugs. Also, since it is a Silver-tier plan, "cost-sharing" is available, which can potentially reduce primary care physician (pcp) and specialist office visit copays to $1 and $5 respectively. The deductible can also reduce as low as $550. Normally, the copays without the maximum subsidies are $30 and $60, and the generic drug copay is $15. 

Non-preferred brand and specialty drugs are covered at 100% after the deductible has been met. There is no coinsurance to pay and the major medical deductible is $6,500. The provider network is surprisingly large, and customer satisfaction is high. The policy also does not charge any surgeon or facility fees, which can increase your out-of-pocket cost on larger claims. Ambetter health insurance rates in Indiana continue to be very attractive. The provider network also extends outside the Hoosier State.

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CareSource Just4Me Bronze -  One of the least expensive health insurance plans in Indiana that is offered in most areas of the state. Office visit copays are $40 and $80 (primary care physician and specialist) with no limit on the number of times utilized throughout the year. Generic drugs have a $20 copay while all brand drugs (both preferred and non-preferred) do not have to meet a deductible. Mail-order will reduce your costs, especially when generic options are chosen.

The deductible is $6,650, which is common with Bronze-tier options. Urgent-Care visits are also subject to a copay of only $80 and mental/behavioral and substance abuse outpatient services must only meet a $40 copay. Prenatal and postnatal are subject to $80 copays, but avoid having to meet the deductible. The CareSource provider network covers selected counties.


MDwise Marketplace Silver Coinsurance - The most attractive feature is that there is no charge (no copay, deductible or coinsurance) for pcp office visits. Thus, if your family has several small children, the savings could be significant. The $3,500 deductible is reasonable, and can substantially reduce, since it is a Silver-tier plan. Generic and brand (preferred) drugs are subject only to $25 and $50 copays.

The coinsurance is 15% and an annual eye exam and one pair of glasses are provided for each child on the policy. MDwise is a non-profit company, which helps lower premiums. However, in many areas, network coverage is limited.


Anthem Bronze Pathway X 4950 50 - Although this plan is more expensive than the previously-mentioned options, you do receive the benefit of being able to utilize the Anthem network. Since negotiated discounts also reduce your out-of-pocket cost for covered expenses subject to a deductible, the savings can be substantial. The deductible is $4,980 with maximum out-of-pocket policy expenses of $6,850. The coinsurance is also 50%.

UnitedHealthOne Short-Term Medical Value - The least expensive type of coverage available. Since this plan is designed to be kept less than 12 months, the rate is much lower compared to other unsubsidized options. However, temporary policies are not eligible for subsidies, and usually do not cover pre-existing conditions. This specific plan is a catastrophic major-medical contract that provides up to $1 million of benefits.

You can choose many deductible options, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Per-cause and per-term choices are also offered. Golden Rule, a subsidiary of UnitedHealthcare, underwrites the plan. Although there are only a few medical questions, and approval can take less than 24 hours, applicants can be declined if they have been treated for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or several other conditions.

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Although these five plans are worth considering, there are dozens of other options that may be a better choice, depending on your budget and medical history. We are always available to help you find the most affordable health insurance in Indiana. Both on and off-Marketplace plans are available.